Neurodiversity Essentials

 Autism, ADHD, Learning, 

Regulation and Sensory Support 

 The research and results from this course speak for themselves. This training has helped over 50+ families, with life-changing results. Read the testimonials to see for yourself. 

Trusted by Tusla - Child and Family Agency and other healthcare organisations across the country. 

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Are you a parent, teacher, or healthcare professional supporting a child who is or could be neurodivergent? Do you need help to regulate a different brain-body combination (e.g. autism, ADHD)? Do you want support? Therapy? Guidelines? Do you want to speak with experienced clinicians. Then this course will help you.

Neurodiversity Essentials (previously Authentic Neurodiversity Parent Experience - ANPE) is parent and teacher support course delivered by EPT Clinic’s experienced, neurodiverse psychology team. This course can also be attended online or in person in EPT Clinic, Kilkenny, Ireland. 

About the Neurodiversity Essentials Course

This LIVE online (or in person) training is a therapeutic intervention to support parents of neurodivergent children. 

This therapeutic training teaches parents how to help children or teenagers who are anxious, presenting with emotional- dysregulation, sensory needs, dysregulated behaviour, those with co-occuring learning needs and those who are gifted.

Each course or group is tailored to the needs of the parents who present on the course, with parent’s concerns and questions answered by experienced, qualified psychologists and assisting clinicians.  

The programme is evidence based, using a neuro-affirmative, person centred therapeutic frameowork. It is different from other programmes because it is interactive, psycho-educational and therapeutic. 


 Parents will:

  1. Access a safe space for to bring their worries, concerns and questions.
  2. Learn about neurodiversity in a neuro-affirmative and positive way, referencing the most up to date research.
  3. Receive practical advice on all things neurodivergent or related to child development and neurodiverse parenting.
  4. Have their anxieties and stresses reduced.
  5. Access simple strategies and adaptations that can be made in the home and in school environments to foster a neuro-informed living and learning experience for your child.
  6. Learn about sensory and emotional regulation enabling families to thrive.
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What are professionals saying?

"For me, the development of this programme has been completely changed the level of support we can offer families, teachers and healthcare professionals. The content and the way this programme is delivered is different from other courses because it is therapeutic and person - centred. We see real change every time we deliver this programme. It is so rewarding and a privilage to be part of". 

Lorraine O.B. Madden - Child Educational Psychologist

How to Enrol?

You can book this therapeutic training by purchasing your place below. The next group training is on:

Monday the 2nd and Tuesday the 3rd of September 2024 (3pm-5.30pm)

If you want to access the training sooner on an individual basis, please contact our office on¬†[email protected]¬†We understand how busy families are, so we aim to be flexible to suit your family's needs.¬†

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Parent of an 8 year old & 10 year old, 2023

"Really really insightful... helped me understand how my children interpret and navitate the world".

Parent of a 3 & 4 year old, 2023

"Hearing the lived experience and getting used to the langauge... framing my child's experience as a strength rather than a negative".

Parents of a 9 year old,


"Giving us ownership and language around supporting the school and our child's needs. Just knowing what we can do next".

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