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Educational, Psychological and Therapeutic Supports 

Offering a Neurodevelopmental Pathway for Children and Young People (1-18 years) 

Neurodiversity and Neuroscience at it's best. 

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Do I need an Assessment Straight Away?


What help is available for families?

Are you wondering about support for autism, ADHD, sensory processing, learning or communication? Would you like to successfully support your child emotionally and psychologically?

Parents are often really disappointed when they cannot get access to an assessment straight away, because professionals or other people have told them that they need to have an assessment to get help for their child BUT... this is simply not true. 

Parents usually KNOW what their child needs help with - emotional regulation, anxiety, concentration, completing tasks... Parents can come to our team and tell them what they want for their child or young people, and then families can access supports straight away on one of our therapeutic programmes, parent courses, or individually through child therapies, parent support sessions and more. 

Online Therapies and Courses to Support Parents and Children

Online Psychology Emotional Regulation Programme 

Are you worried your child anxious, dysregulated, or unhappy? Do you want to have better tools respond to upsets and challenges? The EPT Clinic’s renowned Emotional Regulation (ER) Programme will give you and your child the support you both need. Over 10 weeks, this programme uses a brain-body psychology approach, helping parents to successfully support emotional regulation in their child, leading to a calmer, more connected family. 


Online Psychology Neurodiversity Therapy for Families

Are you parenting a child who experiences or percieves the world differently to others? Do you want to learn how to successfully parent their unique brain -body combination? Do you want to become more knowledgable, empowered and calm? Then let us help you with this 2.5 hour therapeutic training programme which is proven to reduce anxiety and stress, increase the quality of family life, and improve children and parent's overall life experience.  


Online Psychology Autism Therapy for Families

Are you parenting an autistic child? Do you want to learn how to successfully understand and support their autistic brain -body combination? Do you want to be empowered in your parenting, whether you are autistic or not? Then enrol in the Authentic Autism Parent Experience (AAPE). Let us  help you in our 2.5 hour therapeutic training programme. Proven to reduce parental anxiety, increase the quality of family life, and improve parents (and children's!) experience of autism.  


Hello from Lorraine and the Team!

Hi there, we are delighted that you have found EPT Clinic. We hope that our experienced, award winning healthcare team can support you and your family. Our team include registered psychologists, psychotherapists, speech and language therapists and occupational therapists. 

EPT Clinic was established in 2019 following Lorraine’s transition from the HSE into private practice. Using a neurodevelopmental, child and adolescent mental health framework, we are proud to offer one of Ireland’s ONLY N-CAMHS Pathways. This pathway offers families everything they need, including support, therapies, training and assessments.

Lorraine is passionate about empowering and teaching parents and professionals. She began her career working alongside children, parents and educators over 20 years now. She worked as a primary school teacher in both mainstream and special education teacher. Yet, it was her part-time job that really changed the direction of her career, and really, her life!


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What Our Clients Say About Us

Ms. Farrell

January 2024

"Definitely 5 stars as always. A fantastic team at EPT. My son sees Laura and finds her absolutely amazing benefit. Thank you".

Ms. Wickham

May 2024

"We had our 7 yr old son in for a neurodevelopmental assessment. Both myself and my son felt very comfortable and the staff were exceptionally nice and helpful with any questions or comforts needed for my son. I would say our experience was exceptional".

Ms. O'Carroll

February 2024

"Excellent - staff so friendly and helpful. Would highly rate Psychologist Bob O'Brien and would definitely recommend any child suffering with anxiety to go there".